Malvin Hobbs

I’m the owner of Brand Models UK and also one of the creative team. I’m also a professional member of both the Royal London Photography Society and The Photography Guild. I started Photography professionally 7 years ago and got in to fashion and fitness photography through magazines and shows. I like to provide quality images for brands to allow them to feature their products professionally.

Brand Models is here for professional and up coming models that want to grow their future within the modelling industry.


Renael Dixon


Experienced fashion and landscape London based photographer, eager to develop and move away from my typical architectural shoots to capturing the wonderful and beautiful human form, I want to try and improve my own shoots with people of all cultures and looks.

Gaz Evans


Owner of GEEWEAR Streetwear. I’m also a Photographer and Videographer. I started photography  in 2017 and found fashion photography was my strong point. As much as I love to provide customers with high quality images my passion is making videos. 

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